Trading Commitment for Convenience

It is important for this person to regain confidence in their ability to connect with other people. While this is happening, they still have emotional and physical needs. Family and friends are generally where a person turns for their emotional needs, and they can be the best support a person has. Physical needs are different and require a new category of person. A fuck buddy is one of the best options at this time.

It may seem the person is turning into their former partner when they make the decision to have physical intimacy without a relationship. This is untrue because fuck buddies are open and honest about the fact they are not interested in a relationship. There is no pretense between the two people, and this makes it much different than the previous situation. This is an agreement between two people to have no strings attached sex.

Emotional recovery takes time and effort, but it is worth it if the person ever wants to experience a solid and honest relationship. Living a balanced life at this time is important for a person who is healing. When looking at their own needs, finding an agreeable partner for only physical relief might be their best option. This person does not need an emotional involvement until they have healed completely, and a buddy does not expect or want a commitment. This is one of the ways modern society helps those who have been callously used by a previous partner.