Learning Emotional Independence

Few people are eager for the opportunity to spend their entire life alone, but many of them do not know how important it is to learn about being emotionally independent. They see relationships as a place where they can trust the other person with their hopes, dreams and fears. Their goal is to find someone who will support them when they are weak, and they are prepared to do the same for their partner. This is the bond they are looking forward to forging, but it will not be a strong one without learning emotional independence.

Giving their heart to another person is the depiction of a perfect relationship between two people, but the truth is that a measure of independence is necessary for each person. They must have their own separate areas of life and needs, or they will be embroiled in an unhealthy relationship. Those who depend solely on another person for their emotional needs will drag their partner down with unspoken demands that will drain the vitality of their relationship.

Being independent on an emotional level has nothing to do with being in a relationship, and it does not mean a person gives less than their best. The ability to be emotionally stable on their own is the strength they should carry with them, and it will give their partner the ability to reciprocate their emotions instead of being a crutch. Emotional health between the two of them will allow their relationship to flourish, and they have a better chance of succeeding in making a long term commitment.

Independence on the part of a partner can be scary for some people, but they should realize it means they are not completely responsible for how their partner feels or acts. The bonds of an adult relationship are about building a life together, and it should never be one person building to be the entire support of the other.