Heeding Red Flags

Relationships between two people are often quite emotional, and it can be difficult to see the true personality of a partner. People have gone through relationships that lasted years before they finally realized their spouse was using them only to achieve their own goals or for financial support. Friends and family will often see the truth first. Listening to them and heeding red flags would be a good idea, but those in love seldom manage it. It can devastate them in the end, and then they will need the support of loved ones to recover.

Red flags are often hidden well by those who are using another person in a relationship, and that is one reason why they can be difficult to spot. One more issue is that no one wants to believe they are simply being used by someone close to them. Their friends and family are often put off when told, and they have no other choice than to wait for the end. It can be frustrating for them to watch.

Picking up the pieces can be difficult when the user chooses to move on to a new life. The person who was betrayed may understand they missed the signs, and they will probably have difficulty turning to those who originally warned them. It can be a time when their own pride will get in the way of having loved ones help, and they should simply apologize. Their loved ones are generally eager to assist them with getting over the pain.

Moving on from being with a person of this nature is seldom easy, and there can be a lack of trust when dating begins once more. The person who suffered at the hands of a user is more likely to look for red flags, and they may even listen to loved ones who are still willing to point them out.