Moving to a Better Life

For those who have walked out of a bad relationship, moving to a better life is not always a clear path. They might have moved out of the shared residence, but they could find they are busy obsessing about the new relationship of their former partner. They want to understand how they could devote their love, time and energy to a person who can replace them in a matter of days. Few of them will move quickly, but those who begin to understand their own value will eventually move on.

Emotional turmoil can devastate even the most stable person, and feeling cheated from a bad relationship can keep a person running in place. They feel devalued, and they often search for the reason they were worth less than another person. Many of them fail to see the lack of value was with their former partner, but they must work their way through it before they find the real answer.

Moving on in life is not a simple matter of taking a few steps, and friends or loved ones can become impatient. For those who need a great deal of time to get going, it can be frustrating to deal with them. Others will move quickly at first, but something will suddenly cause them to go in circles. Helping them past that point could be work for a professional, and it should be gently recommended if it continues.

It can take a great deal of time before a person is ready to move forward, but it will be its own reward when they do. Understanding the lack of value came from the other person is a large part of what it takes to move on to a better life, and the person who does it will find their own life is increasing in value exponentially.